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Tips and consultation in equity including IPO and derivatives market investment professionally and exclusively.

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Learn real technical and fundamental analysis in managing Equity and Derivatives stocks investment portfolio.

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Rajaie Halim, CEWA

Rajaie Halim or his full name, Mohamed Rajaie bin Abd Halim is a Remisier and Certified Elliott Wave Analyst (CEWA) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2014, he pursued his studies in Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with honours. He started to involved in stock market investing since his university years.

After graduated, he has a career as an electrical engineer while being part-time investor in Bursa Malaysia and foreign stock markets. He later became Sophisticated Full-Time Trader (FTT) in 2019.

Certified Elliott Wave Analyst (CEWA)

Elliott Wave Principle is his favourite main technique in analysing stock market since 2015. He is a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst (CEWA) recognized by international organisation, Elliott Wave International in 2021. He is the one among only 2 people in Malaysia that has received recognition as CEWA. He has been actively guiding Malaysians through his expertise in Elliott Wave Theory by classes and private consultation.

Dual Licensed Remisier

Remisier Rajaie Halim, CEWA has valid licenses by Securities Commission to give professional advice and dealing in EQUITIES and DERIVATIVES to investors in Malaysia.

Beliau juga merupakan pengasas Elliott Wave Malaysia

What our other clients have said about us?

Very satisfied with the service provided by Tuan Rajaie. Helped me a lot from the beginning. From CDS account opening, how to use the platform and easy way to buy and sell shares. Definitely 5 stars!

Suraya Hakim, 25

Asset 2

Quick response with my newbie questions. Plus, he is a friendly remisier. You can have a coffee and casual chat while learning about stocks. If you are good at playing tennis or golf, you can invite him. Surely, he will on!

Azmir Ahmad, 51

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You will have the opportunity to get the REAL TECHNIQUE and KNOWLEDGE in technical and fundamental analysis of stocks comprehensively from Remisier Rajaie Halim, CEWA.

Certified Elliott Wave Analyst (CEWA) is a recognition given by the official international body, Elliott Wave International to qualified Certified Elliott Wave Analysts. Elliott Wave is one of the famous analysis techniques in the global market that has been effective for more than 100 years since 1902.

Remisier Rajaie Halim is one of only 2 people in Malaysia so far to be recognized as a CEWA.

Remisier Rajaie Halim has valid licenses from the Securities Commission (SC) in both Equity and Derivative stock markets.

Yes. You can invest in 7 major global stock markets which are United States (NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE MKT LLC), Hong Kong (HKE), Singapore (SGX) and Indonesia (IDX).

You can open Equity and Derivatives market share accounts online or manually. Please WhatsApp 012-6051902 for more info and assistance.